Triple 9

By |02/28/2016|

Triple 9 (2016, USA, d. John Hillcoat, 115 Minutes) by Jesse Stringer It is learned early on in this film that Triple 9 is a police code meaning [...]

A Tribute to Paddy Chayefsky

By |02/28/2016|

by Barry Germansky   Paddy Chayefsky is tied with Tennessee Williams as my candidate for the most original dramatist of all time, that most elusive of organizational variables. These writers [...]

1999: An American Odyssey

By |02/28/2016|

by Barry Germansky   Sam Mendes' American Beauty (1999) is the last Best Picture winner I fully endorse to date. It is a sleek, color-coded sampler of J.D. Salinger's novel [...]

Eddie the Eagle

By |02/26/2016|

Eddie the Eagle (2016, USA/United Kingdom, d. Dexter Fletcher, 105 Mins) by Robert Joseph Butler In the opening act of "Eddie the Eagle" the film hints at being [...]

Pulp Revenge: Thoughts on the Ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark

By |02/25/2016|

by Barry Germansky   This is cinema of control. How can one explain the existence of past, present, and future Nazis? One cannot, at least not at the fundamental level [...]

2016 Oscar Predictions

By |02/24/2016|

Usually the Oscars are easy to predict by late December. However, this season is looking to be a more competitive contest. While Leonardo DiCaprio and Brie Larson are clear front-runners, [...]

How to Be Single

By |02/22/2016|

How to Be Single (2016, USA, Christian Ditter, 110 Minutes) by Robert Joseph Butler Uneven, unromantic, and mostly unfunny, “How to Be Single” is a chick flick that [...]


By |02/20/2016|

Deadpool (2016, USA, D. Tim Miller, 108 Mins) by Robert Joseph Butler Based upon Marvel Comics’ most popular and unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool unfolds with a lot of twisted [...]

The Witch

By |02/20/2016|

The Witch (2016, USA/UK/Canada, d. Robert Eggers, 93 Minutes) by Jesse Stringer What does it take to make a horror film truly scary? In recent years, it seems [...]

Where To Invade Next?

By |02/13/2016|

Where to Invade Next? (2015, USA, d. Michael Moore, 119 Minutes) by Robert Joseph Butler The problem with Michael Moore is that his latest films like Capitalism: A [...]