Jean Seberg did not live a boring life, so it's extremely disheartening to see "Seberg" portray her life as such. Despite a lead performance from Kristen Stewart and a wealth [...]


The Jane Austen tender and sardonic spirit converges expertly in photographer and music-video director Autumn de Wilde's feature film debut of "Emma", an opulent period drama that applies the classic [...]

The Invisible Man

by Ben Rothrock Right from the beginning, The Invisible Man isn’t setting out to be just another reboot. Most modern reboots, especially ones based on well known properties, try to [...]

Young Ahmed

They are the modern masters of cinematic parables and social realism, the Belgium filmmaking sibling duo known as the Dardenne brothers continue their empathetic and emotionally raw sensibilities with their [...]

Brahms: The Boy 2

"The Boy", released in January of 2016, was something of a moderate sleeper hit opening to a decent $10 million before continuing to gross nearly $75 million worldwide. The film, [...]

Horse Girl

The Sundance film Horse Girl has landed a wide release on Netflix. Directed by Jeff Baena and co-written by him and its star Alison Brie, it's the story of a [...]


It's very redundant and very common to be sour when Hollywood remakes exceptional international films. In the case of "Downhill", an American remake of the 2014 outstanding Swedish hit film written [...]

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