Bad Education (2020)

As a follow-up to Cory Finley’s feature debut “Thoroughbreds,” “Bad Education (2020)” represents a step forward for the young filmmaker since both sagas deal with issues of deception and trust, [...]

Beastie Boys Story

More memorial and a laugh-fest than a concert movie, this is a spirited chronicle of the memories and reflections from the Beastie Boys surviving members, Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz [...]

The Painted Bird

“The Painted Bird,” Václav Marhoul follow-up to his Czech adaptation of “The Red Badge of Courage ,” is another technically impressive literary rendition, this time around of accomplished novelist Jerzy [...]

First Cow

Unique in narrative structure, poetic in tone, evocative of American history, and substantial as a retelling of America's capitalistic nature and quest for prosperity, Kelly Reichardt's "First Cow" is nothing [...]

The Truth

The estranged mother-daughter movie is often explored in indie cinema (Recently: The exceptional "Miss Juneteenth.") Rare is the masterwork, like Bergman's "Autumn Sonata," that depicts a mother and daughter who [...]

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