Chloe Zhao's "Nomadland," the filmmaker's follow-up to "The Rider," is every bit as a emphatic and deeply complex character study as her previous endeavor. Zhao's third feature, which recently played [...]

On the Rocks

Sophisticated and charming, "On the Rocks," Sofia Coppola's appealing feature is her most lighthearted and accessible film to date, a bittersweet screwball comedy told consistently from the point of view [...]


Antebellum, the directorial debut from filmmaking duo Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, opens with a quote from William Faulkner; "The past is never dead. It's not even past." A fitting [...]

Lingua Franca

Authentic transgender driven films are rarely featured as genuine or as honestly as Isabel Sandoval's "Lingua Franca", the latest intimate and emotionally raw indie film which is one of the [...]

Mulan (2020)

Niki Caro's lavish spectacle "Mulan" is a live action remake to the impressive 1998 Disney animated film of the same time title, which was a critical and commercial success not [...]