Mortal Kombat

With video game movies getting a slightly better reputation in recent years, it makes sense to revisit the classic game franchise that also helped usher in "video game movies" as [...]


Nuanced and unsettling, Charlène Favier’s Slalom, the debut French film from Charlène Favier, tells the story of an inadequate relationship between an unfathomable ski coach and his highly insecure teenager [...]

Jakob’s Wife

Having made her cinematic resurgence with the 2013 sleeper hit You're Next, horror icon (don't call her a scream queen) Barbara Crampton has made a number of strong appearances in [...]

Shiva Baby

Emma Seligman’s debut feature Shiva Baby, chronicles the day of a nettlesome Shiva family gathering with prudent humor, occasionally fragile drama and plenty of anxiety. At least once in our [...]

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