The latest from Pixar, and unfortunately the second in a row to forgo a theatrical release as a Disney+ exclusive, Luca, is a slight, but heart-warming tale set in the [...]

Summer of 85

Summer of 85, Francois Ozon's latest film is a sensually tragic, involving, deeply flawed, and cautionary saga of first love, based on the 1982 novel Dance On My Grave by [...]

In the Heights

In the Heights, the screen version of the highly successful Broadway musical written by Quira Alegria Hudes and Lin-Manuel Mirananda, is a very energetic film musical that should please audiences [...]


A uniquely layered, and often murky German love story with strong political subtext about the troubled history between the cities of East and West Berlin, Undine is the recent film [...]

Port Authority

It's quite liberating and remarkable how in the last few years or so, transgender representation in cinema, television, and other forms of media is beginning to get true representation in [...]

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