Black Widow

The long-awaited solo outing for Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow has hit a few speed bumps along its way to release, as has most tentpole films over the past 16 [...]

False Positive

Stand up comedian Iliana Glazer gets to showcase her dramatic chops in TV director John Lee's sophomore feature film, False Positive. A fresh cinematic face where she gets the opportunity [...]

No Sudden Move

Prolific auteur Steven Soderbergh always takes great liberties stylistically and visually, no matter what film he's crafting, or what genre he dives into. His latest film to hit HBO Max, [...]

Good on Paper

liza Shlesinger's amusing but clunky Good on Paper, directed by actress and Hollywood TV director, Kimmy Gatewood, is mostly a clever and highly watchable rom-com that is now streaming on [...]


Writer-director Janicza Bravo will certainly be a familiar name for her latest film, her sophomore feature titled Zola, which may be the very first film that I'm aware of that [...]

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