Directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino and produced by his protégé Oscar Nominated Director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name, I Am Love), Netflix original Beckett staples itself as a [...]

Flag Day

Daughter of renowned actor Sean Penn, actress and model Dylan Penn gives it her all in her father's latest directed feature Flag Day. Penn, who also has excelled as a [...]

The Night House

David Bruckner, continues his horror sensibilities after the mixed 2017 horror film The Ritual, directed this psychological horror melodrama, starring Rebecca Hall as a depressed school teacher who suffers from [...]


Very much a legacyquel, the new cinematic incarnation of Candyman, the endlessly scary and influential horror classic of the 90's, is given life from producer/co-writer Jordan Peele and director Nia [...]


Lisa Joy, co-creator of the critically acclaimed sci-fi television series Westworld, debuts her first feature film Reminiscence. Keeping to her roots of sci-fi neo-noir themes, we follow our protagonist Nick [...]


CODA, this year's Sundance crowd-pleaser hit could be destined to being the feel good movie hit of the year. A US remake of the 2014 French comedic-drama La Famille Bellier, [...]

Free Guy

Free Guy, a pleasant summer surprise from director Shawn Levy, mostly known for his questionable Night of The Museum franchise. This movie is not shy about its target audience, kids [...]


Extremely well acted, but just another ordinary Hollywood biopic that is sure to draw some Oscar buzz and please audiences, Respect follows the same formula and structure as countless other [...]

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