The films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet have always been quite delectable, spewing splashes of colorful feasts throughout his films or art-house aesthetics with almost noir themes. Jeunet is, without a doubt, [...]


A joyous and equally heartbreaking musical, Cyrano brings Edmond Rostand's world-renowned play to more modernized sensibilities. It's very charming, as well as showcasing that Peter Dinklage yet again has what [...]

Marry Me

No matter the year, a film no one expected nor wanted is made, and in 2022’s case, Kat Coiro’s Marry Me is a prime example. This wishy-washy, romantic comedy released [...]


Not helping the case against video games movies is the latest starring vehicle for Spider-Man star Tom Holland. The adaptation of the popular (and spectacular) video game franchise, Uncharted, may [...]


After sitting down to watch Roland Emmerich’s newest disaster sci-fi, Moonfall, I realized that there are two ways of being mind-blown. For example, watching David Lynch’s masterpiece Mulholland Dr. will [...]

Death on the Nile

Kenneth Branagh’s 2017 adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie novel Murder on the Orient Express did a capable enough job at bringing the iconic story to life for a modern [...]


Returning to a more stripped-down style that he departed from recently with No Sudden Move and Let Them All Talk, Steven Soderberg retains his visual skills but dispenses with some [...]

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