Horror films come in all shapes and sizes, either featuring creatures of dark descent or even the horrors of modern discrimination, but there are times when both elements clash together [...]

The Lost City

Adventure films haven’t had the best go-around recently. Intending to harken back to the good ol’ days of Hollywood filmmaking, when original films were at the forefront, recent cinematic examples [...]

Infinite Storm

Many films about survival have merged natural landscapes with the themes of man versus nature--or in this case, woman versus nature--where characters find themselves under brutal and very hazardous weather [...]

Deep Water

Well, there is one thing that can be said about director Adrian Lyne, he seems obsessed with the themes of infidelity and the unfaithfulness of significant others in his films. [...]

The Outfit

An impressively written and wrought gangster thriller set in 1950s Chicago that is both dramatic and suspenseful, The Outfit marks the directorial debut of Oscar winning American screenwriter and author [...]


Filmmaker Ti West came bursting out of the gate in the 2000s as a critical player in the “Mumblecore” movement among the likes of Greta Gerwig and Joe Swanberg. The [...]

The Adam Project

Reuniting with the director of the financially successful, but creatively bankrupt, Free Guy, director Shawn Levy, leading man Ryan Reynolds has chosen yet another starring vehicle that relies heavily on [...]

Turning Red

As someone who has paid close attention to Pixar’s depiction and representation of people of color over the years, it always comes as a delightful surprise to see announcements of [...]

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