For lack of a better word, there comes a difficulty when writing and directing films revolving around adolescent characters. The difficulty is, how said characters are written overall so that [...]

Montana Story

In case you were wondering, Montana Story is in fact an American independent drama that's setting is, well, in Montana. It's smaller scale than the series Yellowstone, with just a [...]

Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick elevates nostalgia, and similar to its predecessor, this energetic and witty follow-up to the 1986 Bruckheimer produced/late Tony Scott directed action movie classic titled Top Gun delivers [...]

Lux Æterna

With Lux Æterna, it's as if Argentine French filmmaker Gaspar Noe wanted to willfully be more experimental and playful (even his most playful is still brooding) and appears to have [...]


What could certainly be labeled as a "thinking person's" horror film—audiences walking into Men expecting a conventional horror film to deliver the thrills, chills, or other mysterious forces that hunt [...]


You might recall the poster or DVD artwork of Drew Barrymore as a child standing with a look of anxiety with flames behind her in the 1984 horror-thriller titled Firestarter [...]

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