In departing from short films and DIY-indie feature films, indie filmmaker Andrew Semans delivers shocks in the involving and bizarre Resurrection. The ever-riveting Rebecca Hall stars as a pharmaceutical company [...]

A Love Song

The vast open spaces of the American West have been used to great effect throughout the history of cinema. Across decades and across genres, these landscapes have been used to [...]

My Old School

A stranger-than-fiction type of documentary that could easily be made into a narrative feature, My Old School is a bizarre documentary by Jono McLeod about Scotland's most notorious high school [...]

The Gray Man

Since their release of Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2014, the Russo Brothers have been on quite the marathon of directing large-budgeted films. With 4 significant credits stemming from [...]


Five years later, after his breakthrough success with Get Out, Jordan Peele continues his genre movie streak with Nope, a chilling, intense, and awe-inspiring sci-fi thriller about alien visitors wreaking [...]

The Sea Beast

As the years press on, it seems as if film mediums are becoming less creative and more of a cash grab in order to rake in profits or stream clicks [...]

The Deer King

In a nation in the process of healing from the ravages of war, the ravages of a returning illness are coming to the forefront. The illness appears to be mystical [...]

She Will

More revenge driven and slow-burn, writer-director Charlotte Colbert's retro witch horror film She Will has a strong buildup, some memorable scenes, but a very negligible payoff that feels choppy and [...]

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