Holy Spider

Modern Iran's worst serial killer, Saeed Hanaei, and the 16 female victims he lured into his home are chronicled in Iranian-born filmmaker Ali Abbasi's third feature, titled Holy Spider. The [...]


Todd Field's high-minded and sophisticated mastery carries on with his third feature film, Tár, a dense and deeply layered saga that has a lot to say about artistry, cancel culture, [...]

Black Adam

While not as iconic as the upper echelon of DC characters, Black Adam as actually been around since the mid 1940’s. The character, initially introduced as a villain to Captain [...]


Highly sensory filmmaking and a heartfelt performance by Paul Mescal pull off an unusual balance of wooziness and sincerity in Aftersun, a hypnotic and elliptical mood piece centered on a [...]


Although it has all the markings of being a routine message Oscar bait movie, Till is one of the most notable social justice films to be released as of late. [...]

Halloween Ends

It’s hard to think of a franchise with more retcons, different timelines, and broken continuity than the Halloween franchise. How strange to think that a classic horror film from 1978 [...]

Decision to Leave

An engrossing, whodunit murder mystery about desire, murder, and forbidden love, Decision to Leave is a complicated and intricate mind-game of a movie. The film directed with such vigorous craftsmanship [...]

Stars at Noon

Claire Denis's sensual and tense adaptation of the late Denis Johnson 1986 novel, Stars at Noon, is a stylish, sophisticated, genre-bending reworking of the espionage geopolitical thriller. On the surface, [...]

Hellraiser (2022)

The Hellraiser franchise has seen more than its fair share of ups and (mostly) downs. Created by horror maestro Clive Barker, adapting from his own novella, “The Hellbound Heart”, the original [...]

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