Veteran Japanese filmmaker Hirokasu Kore-ada makes his second film in a row outside of his native homeland with Broker, an uneven but undeniably poignant crime drama, part road movie. After [...]


A first-rate cast, high ambitions, and grandiose spectacle certainly prevent Babylon from being a complete trainwreck in Oscar-winning filmmaker Damien Chazelle's latest feature. With extraordinary set-pieces and spectacular craftsmanship, plus superlative performances [...]

The Whale

Stories of loss are a constant in film, as they are in life. At their best, films dealing with these topics can inform and enlighten audiences - can touch them [...]

No Bears

The latest film from dissident Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi titled No Bears is a clever meta-satire that works well as an indictment of Iran's authoritarian regime as well as an [...]


Corsage is an emotionally complex, vivid period piece about the life and repression of Empress Elisabeth during her tenure as Queen of Austria. The film chronicles how her anxieties, insecurities, [...]


There have been many films about the experiences of immigrants coming to the United States. While most are dramas, they have run the gamut of tone and genre. In her [...]


The deplorable history of slavery in the United States has been the focus of many films over the years. The films have been of varying quality, and there have also [...]

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