Infinity Pool

With Infinity Pool, his third and boldest film thus far, Canadian filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg, proves yet again he can produce and direct another original screenplay that not only carries on [...]

Shotgun Wedding

Since the release of the critical and commercial 2019 hit Hustlers that found star Jennifer Lopez horrifically snubbed of a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination, the hope would be that [...]


Remakes are a film tradition almost as old as filmmaking itself, with Georges Melies remaking a Lumiere brothers short, both made in 1896. While it would seem most worthwhile to [...]


Two teenage boys find their innocent intimacy and friendship in turmoil during the new school year in Close, Lukas Dhont's sensitive and potent sophomore feature that was just nominated for [...]


Over the course of the 2010's, we've seen more and more films using social media and technology as a tool for storytelling. After the "found footage" craze sizzled out, we [...]

Women Talking

Since the #MeToo movement, many women have come forward to reveal unflattering details about the abuse they have endured and suffered from, which has been covered up for years by [...]

Alice, Darling

By channeling the tropes of psychological thrillers that are about romantic obsession, Mary Nighy's directorial debut Alice, Darling is gender-reversed like the 1996 iconic thriller Fear, but it ends up [...]

The Son

Films portraying characters with mental illness are a common occurrence. While often clumsy in such portrayals in the past, writers and directors have, on the whole, gotten better over time [...]

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