The Worst Ones

The Worst Ones, a French drama film directed by Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret, and a coming-of-age mockumentary which snagged itself the Prix Un Certain Regard at Cannes in 2022, [...]

Enys Men

Bouncing between experimental horror and a retro throwback to 1970s era horror and parodic excess, Mark Jenkin's mind-bending horror opus Enys Men works best as a moody chamber piece that [...]

A Good Person

Two deeply compelling characters desperately needing to find atonement after a devastating tragedy ruinously reconnect in Zach Braff's four-director feature A Good Person. Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman headline a [...]

Tori and Lokita

It is remarkable just how the Dardenne Brothers are still turning out emotionally charged and emotionally bleak films that hold deeply felt compassion nearly 30 years after making a splash [...]

The Lost King

King Richard III has long been a figure of historical and literary fascination. While some contemporary accounts describe him as a good ruler, particularly to common folk, his legacy has [...]

Boston Strangler

    The latest in a long line of media adaptations about one of the darkest eras in Bostonian history, Matt Ruskin's Boston Strangler attempts to repurpose the prolific serial [...]

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