Peter Pan & Wendy

To say the track record of Disney live-action remakes is spotty, is putting things lightly, especially considering the few that have gone straight to Disney+. While it grossed astronomical amounts [...]


After making a splash with genre lovers and horror fans with audacious humor and thrills with Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and Big Game, Finnish filmmaker Jalmari Herlander delivers his [...]

Polite Society

A British-Pakistani teenage girl fights for her dreams as a stunt woman as well as her older sister's dreams of becoming an artist in Polite Society, a spectacular and hilarious [...]


After exploring the horrors of the final days of the Nicolae Ceaușescu era where women's reproductive rights were stripped away in his 2007 masterpiece 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 [...]


Revolutionary France in the moments leading up to the tumultuous 19th century was anything but tolerant. Times were changing, for sure, but one man struggled against the current to make [...]

Evil Dead Rise

The dream duo of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are back with another entry in the popular horror franchise, The Evil Dead. Now overseeing Irish director Lee Cronin, Evil Dead [...]

Beau is Afraid

Every so often, a major studio will greenlight highly ambitious and personal projects for high-profile artists once they reach a monumental success. Ari Aster swings big in his third feature, [...]

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