The Little Mermaid

Continuing the spotty track record of Disney live-action remakes, Rob Marshall's adaptation of the animated classic, largely responsible for ushering in the Disney Renaissance, continuing with the likes of Beauty [...]

Fast X

It’s hard for any franchise whose previous film literally went to space to be brought back down to earth, especially the Fast and Furious franchise, whose characters have defied the [...]

Moon Garden

Centering a film on a child’s performance can be a great risk for a filmmaker. On one hand, as all of us were once children, and many are parents, there [...]

The Mother

JLO is a Mother. She's also now THE Mother. Yes, that is not only the given name for her character, but the title of the film, in which Lopez states, [...]

Master Gardener

A relatively clunky and implausible character study about a troubled man attempting to atone for his past deeds is served up with mixed results in Paul Schrader's Master Gardner. Channeling [...]


Italian filmmaker Andrea Pallaoro revisits the central themes of alienation, identity, and family that were found in his first two films, Medas (2013) and Hannah (2017), to even greater impact [...]


Director Robert Rodriguez is anything but unreliable, and he proves it again with his latest narrative feature, Hypnotic. Channeling the mind-bending properties of thrillers like Inception, Shutter Island, and Memento, [...]

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