Earth Mama

Another immersion in the exploration of systematic oppression for Black cinema, Earth Mama is a deeply artful portrait of a young pregnant woman's resilience against the foster care system. Through [...]

Theater Camp

We have experienced theatrics being mocked in mockumentary fashion before with Christopher Guests Waiting for Guffman, among many other subcultures. Molly Gordon and co-writer and co-director Nick Lieberman show signs [...]

Talk to Me

Believing that a pair of YouTubers would have one of 2023's most-anticipated horror films might seem like a tall order to most, but that is precisely the case for brothers [...]

Haunted Mansion

Debuting in 1969, The Haunted Mansion has hosted countless foolish mortals for decades, firmly cementing itself into pop culture history. The attraction has been seen as a gateway into the realm [...]


The previous film from master of cinema Christopher Nolan, Tenet, his chopped-and-screwed take on the Bond thriller, was released amidst the height of the Pandemic, attempting to be the first [...]


Barbie is a fantasy comedy based on Mattel's fashion dolls that I can't see all families and young children enjoying. The welding of satire on consumerism, materialism, and capitalism into [...]

Final Cut

In 2017, a nearly micro-budget Japanese movie titled One Cut of the Dead upended the zombie, found footage, and horror-comedy subgenres all at once, garnering critical praise and making over [...]

Sound of Freedom

The emerging sleeper hit of the summer, Sound of Freedom has seemingly come out of nowhere and upended all expectations, collecting close to $100 million at the box office, as [...]


A quirky and oddly charming coming-of-age story about a young Italian woman in her early 20s struggling with loneliness and borderline personality disorder within her wealthy upbringing and the expectations [...]

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