The Burial

The courtroom drama film has been around nearly as long as the medium of film itself. Following what felt like an oversaturation in the Grisham-influenced 1990s, the genre seemed to [...]


Melancholic, poetic, and deeply empathetic, Sofia Coppola's biopic Priscilla follows Priscilla Presley and her relationship, marriage, and breakup with Elvis Presley. The film is a compelling, stylish portrait of a [...]

When Evil Lurks

Following the success of his paranormal thriller Terrified, Argentinian director Demián Rugna returns with the highly-anticipated demon possession film When Evil Lurks. Rugna shocked audiences in 2017 with a horror [...]

The Killer (2023)

Carrying on the tradition of glossy hitman thrillers like La Samourai, Leon: The Professional, Kill Bill, and, of course, John Woo's own The Killer, David Fincher's 12th feature, The Killer, [...]

Dark Harvest

Arguably a decade too late, Norman Partridge's acclaimed 2006 novel Dark Harvest has finally become realized as a feature film. The movie of the same name, picked up by MGM [...]

Anatomy of a Fall

To say that Juliet Triet's courtroom drama Anatomy of a Fall is riveting and worthy of all its praise on the festival circuit would be something of an understatement. This [...]

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