She Came to Me

The ending is quite charming—and so is the beginning—in She Came to Me, Rebecca Miller's (Personal Velocity, Maggies Plan) offbeat romance about an aging opera composer attempting to make a [...]

The Royal Hotel

While the suffocating and lurking elements of The Assistant (2020) may have been the most impressive factor, the emotional depth of courage and endurance invested by Kitty Green in the [...]

Totally Killer

At this point in cinematic history, it is baffling that a horror movie has failed to properly take advantage of the Back to the Future formula, sending its protagonist(s) back [...]

Saw X

As the horror genre has moved on to new influences and the popularity of nostalgia has begun to wane, the 19 year old Saw franchise returns with its tenth film, [...]

The Creator

In contemporary Hollywood, with the propensity for inflated budgets leading to entire sets made of green or blue screen and an over-reliance on digital effects, it is difficult to come [...]

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