Ferrari is a very flawed but stylish film that eventually becomes more satisfying as it carries on. It's one of those uneven films that ends up scaping by with many [...]


A biting but finally tender love story about animosity, reconciliation, trauma, and mental health between two estranged classmates from high school offers a deeply engaging and liberating film experience. Memory [...]

The Iron Claw

It would be a cliche to point out that the best films about wrestling use the sport as a metaphor for the internal struggles going on outside the ring. In [...]

American Fiction

The tastes of the public at large when it comes to art are a constant enigma. Often works of great depth and intelligence are passed over while something perceived as [...]


No more kids in chocolate factories or fantastical candy lands. In Wonka, the origin story that is based on Roald Dahl's iconic character, which has now been played by three [...]

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