The Peasants

Continuing the much-valued painted animation technique that was used previously with Loving Vincent (2017), married directors DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman deliver a despairing, sometimes grueling, and tiring adaptation of [...]

Pictures of Ghosts

Bacurau writer/director Kleber Mendonça Filho's personal and in-depth Pictures of Ghosts explores the history of his home town of Recife, while examining the deep cultural impact of Brazilian movie palaces. [...]


Sentimental and manipulative would be the inevitable criticism of Tótem if writer-director Lila Avilés second dramatic feature were a Hollywood studio-driven movie. Luckily, it isn't, though the set-up has all the [...]

American Star

The hitman may be the most overused figure in cinema, particularly in contrast to what hired killers turn out to be in the news stories we really hear about, who [...]

The Settlers

Films about colonialism and settlers overtaking Western land are often in Western movies, and they most often come up with white protagonists who side with the oppressed Indigenous people, and [...]


There has always been a lot of passion and perspective for filmmaker Ava DuVernay; there is no denying that she has always crafted films about essential issues that tie our [...]

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