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A Holiday I Do

Christmas may be over, but the holiday season is still in full effect, and its undeniable magic lingers in the form of the Michigan-made LGBTQ+ rom-com A Holiday I Do. [...]

Night Swim

Expectations for the first release under any big media merger are always high, and all eyes are currently on Bryce McGuire's theatrical feature debut, Night Swim. The high-concept suburban chiller [...]

Godzilla Minus One

After 2016's critically acclaimed Shin Godzilla, another soft reboot of the 1954 kaiju classic Godzilla may seem redundant. However, Toho's latest resurrection of the beloved property, Godzilla Minus One, proves [...]


Over a decade ago, Grindhouse teased horror fans with the delightfully messy and nostalgic mock trailer for what is now Eli Roth's 2023 holiday slasher, Thanksgiving. The full-length feature is [...]

When Evil Lurks

Following the success of his paranormal thriller Terrified, Argentinian director Demián Rugna returns with the highly-anticipated demon possession film When Evil Lurks. Rugna shocked audiences in 2017 with a horror [...]

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