Brahms: The Boy 2

"The Boy", released in January of 2016, was something of a moderate sleeper hit opening to a decent $10 million before continuing to gross nearly $75 million worldwide. The film, [...]

Horse Girl

The Sundance film Horse Girl has landed a wide release on Netflix. Directed by Jeff Baena and co-written by him and its star Alison Brie, it's the story of a [...]


It's very redundant and very common to be sour when Hollywood remakes exceptional international films. In the case of "Downhill", an American remake of the 2014 outstanding Swedish hit film written [...]

Zombi Child

Haiti is the ghost that plagues Bertrand Bonello, and in "Zombi Child" it is far from being a ghost film, and contrary to what the title leads you to believe, [...]

The Assistant

With sexual harassment in the workplace finally being thrust into the media spotlight, we are now seeing more films exploring such wretched behavior. The #MeToo drama "The Assistant" is a [...]

The Lodge

The 2019 Sundance hit film "The Lodge," which is either a psychological horror film about individuals trapped in purgatory, or a psychological study about trauma in the modern era, stands [...]