Petite Maman

Petite Maman, the stunning fifth film by French auteur Celine Sciamma (Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Tomboy, Girlhood) finds her exploring childhood innocence once again as she combines fantasy [...]


A joyous and equally heartbreaking musical, Cyrano brings Edmond Rostand's world-renowned play to more modernized sensibilities. It's very charming, as well as showcasing that Peter Dinklage yet again has what [...]


Just as the title suggests, Jockey is the title of a horse jockey in Clint Bentley's impressive debut feature that made its premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. A [...]

The Tender Bar

Releasing along the tail of December, George Clooney directs a film adapted from a memoir written by J.R. Moehringer back in 2005, The Tender Bar: A Memoir. It came as [...]


The eagerly awaited follow-up to the highly acclaimed Japanese animated feature Mirai, Mamoru Hosoda's latest Belle is a cleverly conceived updated adaptation of the classic Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont novel [...]

A Hero

In his first film since his 2016 Oscar winning The Salesman, Iranian filmmaker, Asghar Farhadi, once again merges social commentary with realism as he explores the lives of ordinary characters living day-to-day in [...]


A deeply moving subject on the impacts of war atrocities and seeking refuge, Jonhas Poher Rasmussen's animated documentary titled Flee is one of the most essential and powerful films of [...]

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