Knives Out

By |11/18/2019|

The Thrombey family is about as dysfunctional as the term gets. Headed by successful mystery author Harlan (Christopher Plummer), his children and grandchildren do nothing but leech off of his [...]

The Good Liar

By |11/18/2019|

When we first meet Roy Courtnay (Ian McKellen) and Betty McLeish (Helen Mirren), they are on a first date, having met via an internet dating service. Roy quickly states that [...]

Ford v Ferrari

By |11/17/2019|

Making quite the switch in gears from his critical and financial game-changer, 2017’s “Logan”, Director James Mangold has now decided to tackle an inspiring, true American story. Set in 1966, [...]

The Irishman

By |11/15/2019|

Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman" is truly a triumphant work of ambition and grandeur, and not just because of its groundbreaking de-aging digital effects that transform its older lead actors back [...]

Last Christmas

By |11/13/2019|

What is Last Christmas about? Second chances, Brexit, the homeless crisis, or George Michael? It seems no one from director Paul Feig to screenwriters Byrony Kimmings and Emma Thompson knew. [...]

Doctor Sleep

By |11/08/2019|

Director Mike Flanagan has spent most of his career attempting to untangle the endless web that is the human psyche. Like many classic filmmakers, he attempts to untangle these webs [...]

Dolemite Is My Name

By |11/06/2019|

Based on the life of Blaxploitation actor, comedian, and pioneering independent movie producer Rudy Ray Moore, Director Craig Brewer's (Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan) latest film "Dolemite Is My [...]


By |11/04/2019|

In American history, Harriet Tubman stands as one of its most courageous and empowered figures. She defied the odds as a prolific conductor on the Underground Railroad, helping to free [...]

Terminator: Dark Fate

By |11/03/2019|

"Terminator" sequels have largely not had the best reputation. Since 1991's "T2: Judgement Day", every installment in the decaying franchise has either flopped at the box office or been met [...]

Motherless Brooklyn

By |11/02/2019|

In New York City during the 1950s, change is happening. The divides between races among the populace is causing protest and violence to spiral out of control. The rich are [...]