At once a deeply compelling character study and an affecting human melodrama, "Beanpole" begins in Liningard, Russia 1945, right after Russia's involvement in WW2,  and the film runs all the [...]

Trolls World Tour

Though movie theaters have been forced to close, causing several hyped films to get delayed, Universal is making the most of a bad situation by release their latest films online [...]


One of the most challenging parts of adult life is finding the perfect home. Houses are very expensive, and finding one that suits your needs can be even harder. Whether [...]

Corpus Christi

Polish filmmaker Jan Komasa's "Corpus Christi" is an engaging film about an enigmatic convict named Daniel (Bartosz Bielenia), haunted by internal conflict and past trauma and the shadow of his [...]

The Jesus Rolls

The Coen Brothers' hilarious 1998 cult classic about mistaken identity and deceit, "The Big Lebowski", is given a loose updating and spin-off with "The Jesus Rolls", a frenzied, unremarkable remake [...]


Pixar’s latest film symbolically ushers in a new era for the iconic studio. Their first 11 films from the first Toy Story to the third are sort of the Classic [...]