The Best Films of 2018 – Noah Damron

By |01/08/2019|

1 - Hereditary (d. Ari Aster) As a viewer, I long to have my imagination set on fire. Not only is that when I get the most creativity, but [...]

The Best Films of 2018 – Robert Butler

By |01/07/2019|

1. Roma (d. Alfonso Cuaron) Hands down, the finest piece of cinema of 2018. A fragmented period piece of a specific place and time, the story of a year [...]

The Ten Best Films of 2017

By |01/26/2018|

The DeFacto Film Reviews chief film critics, Robert Butler and Noah Damron share their favorite films of the year. As the country continues to be more divisive and polarized [...]

La La Land

By |01/08/2017|

La La Land (2016 USA, d. Damien Chazelle, 128 minutes) by Noah Damron There is so much to say about La La Land and yet, also very [...]

The Revenant

By |01/13/2016|

  The Revenant (2015, USA, d. Alejandro G. Innaritu, 156 Minutes) by Robert Joseph Butler Brutal in depiction, visceral in experience, and visually arresting to endure, The Revenant [...]

The Top 10 Films of 2015

By |01/12/2016|

by Robert Joseph Butler An aging actress realizing her career is quickly passing by. Two great animated films in one year, as well as two great wintry westerns in one [...]


By |01/12/2016|

  Anomalisa (2015, USA, d. Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson, 90 minutes) by Robert Joseph Butler It was only a matter of time before idiosyncratic and renowned screenwriter [...]


By |01/12/2016|

  Carol (2015, USA, d. Todd Haynes, 118 Minutes) by Robert Joseph Butler An undeniable highlight of the year, Todd Haynes’s sixth feature is an exquisite adaptation [...]

45 Years

By |01/07/2016|

  45 Years (2015, United Kingdom, d. Andrew Haigh, 95 Minutes) by Robert Joseph Butler Writer-Director Andrew Haigh’s (Weekend - 2011) "45 Years" is one of the most engaging [...]