News of the World

We live in an age of information overload. Twitter feeds, Instagram stories, Reddit threads, Facebook posts, podcasts, streaming services, text messages, email, etc; they are all coming at us a [...]

Happiest Season

Even though same sex attraction is something that has been with the human race most likely since the dawn of humanity—I’m sure cavemen weren’t only clubbing cavewomen, if ya know [...]


‘Mortal’ is a return to Norway for André Øverdal which is where he shot his breakthrough feature film ‘Trollhunter’, he then headed over to the U.K. for the coroner two-hander [...]

The Empty Man

There's a strong likelihood that you've never heard of Disney/20th Century's newest release, The Empty Man, at least until a week ago when the first trailer was released. All signs [...]

The Vast of Night

The shadow of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Brian De Palma, and even P.T. Anderson looms large over Andrew Patterson's debut feature “The Vast of Night,” a small scale sci-fi period [...]

The Lovebirds

In an alternate reality, The Lovebirds would have opened in theaters nationwide the first week of April. However, we don't live in that world and after the pandemic delayed every [...]

Blood and Money

The title of John Barr's glum and equally taut "Blood and Money" is an unimaginative movie title, but the movie is not. While certainly a mixed bag, the film goes [...]