See How They Run

Some impressive work by a splendid cast, along with a breezy pace, delivers most of the deflections in See How They Run, a comic murder whodunit that's very much influenced [...]

Clerks III

Right from the beginning of Clerks III, the film opens up just like the beginning of the original Clerks (1994), as we're back at The Quick Shop in its Leonardo, [...]

Spin Me Round

While there are many laughs that last throughout the course of the running time in Spin Me Round, the fifth film from writer-director Jeff Baena (Horse Girl, The Little Hours, [...]

Bullet Train

David Leitch has had one of the more notable career trajectories of the past decade. A former stuntman known for his work on everything from The Matrix films, to 300, [...]

A Love Song

The vast open spaces of the American West have been used to great effect throughout the history of cinema. Across decades and across genres, these landscapes have been used to [...]

My Old School

A stranger-than-fiction type of documentary that could easily be made into a narrative feature, My Old School is a bizarre documentary by Jono McLeod about Scotland's most notorious high school [...]

She Will

More revenge driven and slow-burn, writer-director Charlotte Colbert's retro witch horror film She Will has a strong buildup, some memorable scenes, but a very negligible payoff that feels choppy and [...]


The road of adolescence and the journey of maturity has customarily been seen as those aging from ages 15-20, with not only their physical maturity but most importantly, their intellectual [...]