Theater Camp

We have experienced theatrics being mocked in mockumentary fashion before with Christopher Guests Waiting for Guffman, among many other subcultures. Molly Gordon and co-writer and co-director Nick Lieberman show signs [...]

Final Cut

In 2017, a nearly micro-budget Japanese movie titled One Cut of the Dead upended the zombie, found footage, and horror-comedy subgenres all at once, garnering critical praise and making over [...]

Sound of Freedom

The emerging sleeper hit of the summer, Sound of Freedom has seemingly come out of nowhere and upended all expectations, collecting close to $100 million at the box office, as [...]


Capturing the life of one of the most enigmatic artists in history is no easy feat, an effort few filmmakers have attempted for Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. While director Mary [...]

The Machine

Anyone familiar with Youtube around 2016 will be remember a stand-up comedy bit that was shared everywhere. The bit, coming from comedian Bert Kreischer in his special The Machine, was [...]


A thorny and unconventional love story, Zachary Wigon's sophomore feature Sancturary plays out more like a modern expansion of Steven Shanberg's 2002 indie classic Secretary, about two people bouncing in [...]

Master Gardener

A relatively clunky and implausible character study about a troubled man attempting to atone for his past deeds is served up with mixed results in Paul Schrader's Master Gardner. Channeling [...]


Director Robert Rodriguez is anything but unreliable, and he proves it again with his latest narrative feature, Hypnotic. Channeling the mind-bending properties of thrillers like Inception, Shutter Island, and Memento, [...]

Rare Objects

Over the course of the past five years or so, it has become more common to see compassionate films come out that boldly explore the traumas of sexual assault and [...]

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