Since Adam Sandler's role in the hit Safdie brothers thriller Uncut Gems, which helped redefine a new chapter in his career, the Sandman has been experimenting more with the kinds [...]

Amelia’s Children

If you are a horror fan, you are probably conscious of the contrasts between American and foreign genre films. Mainstream Hollywood productions frequently offer a commercial look and feel, while [...]


With the cinematic awards season in full swing and the highly-contested 96th Academy Awards just weeks away, films like Rustin are getting timely releases and more than adequate media attention. [...]

Lisa Frankenstein

The Frankenstein retellings are still in full swing following 2023's The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster and Birth/Rebirth. This time, with Lisa Frankenstein, acclaimed indie filmmaker Diablo Cody lends [...]

The Peasants

Continuing the much-valued painted animation technique that was used previously with Loving Vincent (2017), married directors DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman deliver a despairing, sometimes grueling, and tiring adaptation of [...]

American Star

The hitman may be the most overused figure in cinema, particularly in contrast to what hired killers turn out to be in the news stories we really hear about, who [...]


Taking a more dramatic approach than having the same old routine narrative of astronauts discovering threatening extraterrestrial life and dying off slowly, I.S.S. deserves some praise for coming up with [...]

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