Dune: Part Two

After impressing audiences and critics with the deserts of Arrakis in 2021 with Dune: Part One, the grandiose space opera continues on in Dune: Part Two. The middle section of [...]


Horror films focused on artists dealing with madness are certainly nothing new. From the great Vincent Price in House of Wax, to Jack Nicholson in The Shining, to Yahya Abdul-Mateen [...]

The Monk and the Gun

Bhutan's young genius filmmaker, Pawo Choyning Dorji, progresses as a filmmaker with The Monk and the Gun, a satirical, alluring, spiritual, and divine film that contemplates the power of democracy, [...]

The Taste of Things

A passionately crafted and pointed look at cooking, cuisine, love, and romance are the aspects that celebrate the human spirit. The Taste of Things delivers a highly satisfying story concerning [...]

Perfect Days

A tender, moving, and accessible character study, iconic German filmmaker Wim Wenders latest film, Perfect Days, spotlights internal longing in modern-day Japan and the film is about a bathroom custodian [...]


A biting but finally tender love story about animosity, reconciliation, trauma, and mental health between two estranged classmates from high school offers a deeply engaging and liberating film experience. Memory [...]

The Iron Claw

It would be a cliche to point out that the best films about wrestling use the sport as a metaphor for the internal struggles going on outside the ring. In [...]

Godzilla Minus One

After 2016's critically acclaimed Shin Godzilla, another soft reboot of the 1954 kaiju classic Godzilla may seem redundant. However, Toho's latest resurrection of the beloved property, Godzilla Minus One, proves [...]

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