One of the most refreshing things you realize about Babes is the humor and wit sprinkled with tropes of a buddy movie and cleverly crude humor on relationships, sex, and [...]

A Prince

Using a cast almost entirely comprised of non-professional actors, aside from the well-regarded French legends who provide the narration, the director, Pierre Creton, has created a work that is unlikely to find a large audience but which is worth sitting down to see.

I Saw the TV Glow

Far more surrealist and avant-garde in approach than horror, Jane Schoenbrun's sophomore feature, I Saw the TV Glow, is, for better or for worse, going to defy the audience's expectations. [...]

The Idea of You

What a time to be in a resurgence for genuinely sexy romance films. No, not deliberately edgy fair such as the Fifty Shades films or even worse, the Netflix 365 [...]

The Fall Guy

Advocates of the studio's long-standing appetite for films based on beloved television shows will have a strong case for The Fall Guy. An action-packed comedy that also holds romance is [...]

We Grown Now

We Grown Now is the latest independent feature by Minhai Baig, whose previous film Hala was also about youths sorting out their uncertain lives in Chicago. I enjoyed that film, [...]


The new spider-attack creature feature Infested (Fr. Vermines) is a step away from the nastiest and most depraved of the New French Extremity of the early-to-mid 2000s. However, it effectively [...]

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