Undeniably sweet and amusing, though overly formulaic. The latest Apatow Company film, titled Bros, is a gay rom-com that offers a retake on all the rom-com tropes and the interplay [...]


Chronicling the outstanding career and life of the late American actor, filmmaker, activist, and family man Sidney Poiter, who was the very first black actor to win the Best Actor [...]

The Woman King

The historical battle epic is a Hollywood staple. So too is the manipulation of historical stories or the softening of edges to make a story more palatable or reassuring to [...]


For moviegoers looking to kickstart the Halloween season, it's unlikely there is a better film to see in the cinema this weekend than Barbarian (Directed by Zach Cregger, Distributed by [...]

Funny Pages

Too mean-spirited and overly subversive for its own good, Funny Pages, Owen Kline's (the son of Kevin Kline and actress Phoebe Cates) feature film directorial debut, is an anti-coming-of-age story [...]


There are very few movies that can be sold entirely on one image. While said image can be an honest reflection of the film itself, it can often be highly [...]

Orphan: First Kill

Rhoda the Bad Seed, Damien, Regan, The Grady Twins, The Children of the Corn and a multitude of others. Creepy children are a long-standing tradition of horror cinema. When Orphan [...]

Emily the Criminal

Emily the Criminal is a gripping neo-noir film that explores a human story of desperation beneath the service, looking beyond the modern-day desperations of a debt nation and the horrors [...]