Ali and Ava

The expectations of family. The general wariness that can come with age. The baggage and broken feelings that come from past relationships. The societal pressures of race and class. All [...]


Gaspar Noe's most compassionate film of his career, Vortex, recalls Michael Haneke's 2012 masterpiece Amour as both films explore the final months of an elderly married couple who have been [...]


A Scottish woman who travels to Columbia and is suddenly awoken by a loud sonic boom as she sleeps provides the starting point in the astonishing opening scene of Apichatpong [...]

Red Rocket

Sean Baker has done it once again by remarkably delivering another raw and authentic character study related to American subculture and exploration of socio economics, Red Rocket shakes up the [...]

Licorice Pizza

Deeply moving, highly engaging, and technically brilliant, Paul Thomas Anderson’s ninth feature, Licorice Pizza, is the most enthralling and thrilling film to be released this year. A chronicle of first [...]

Drive My Car

A chronicle of grief, healing, and the power of the creative process are all familiar themes we have seen numerous times before, but rarely are they executed with the delicateness, [...]