Our podcast appearances on MPI Crew Call is now on iHeart Radio. Give it a listen as podcast host Sara Mahmood along with Defacto film reviewers Noah Damron and Robert Butler talk about some of the latest wave of digital releases. We discuss such titles as Never Rarely Sometimes Always; Extractin; Beanpole; Spacehship Earth and The Wild Goose Lake. We will continue to write reviews on other films being released on the platforms in the coming months. We appreciate all of your support, stay safe, and stay home and watch as many movies that you can.

Here is the timeline.

0:02) Film Lighting Technician and MPI veteran instructor Jeremy Schroeder shares his career including over 10 years in NY working in films and Law & Order and advice for new filmmakers and how to hustle and stay employed.

(30:00) DeFacto Film Reviews by Robert Butler and Noah Damron include new-release streaming options: Never Rarely Sometimes Always; Extraction; Beanpole; Spaceship Earth and The Wild Goose Lake




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