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Defacto Film Reviews is a unique site where the film critics are also filmmakers themselves. It will feature weekly reviews as well as lists and more.

Originally formed in 2002 under Defactoweb.com, our website’s chief film critic is Robert Joseph Butler. His top ten lists were featured under Movie City News.  His reviews have also been published at Michigan Movie Magazine and on Michigan’s longest running film school website, MPIFilm.com.

He later went on to to become an award-winning filmmaker of several independent short films including such festival hits as The Spirit of Isabel and Within, which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 Cinetopia International Film Festival.

Using grassroots support, the site is devoted to celebrating independent and art-house cinema, as well as to high-crafted films that tell engaging stories with vision, focus, and skill.

Defacto Film Reviews is a unique case where the film critics are also filmmakers themselves. We will give readers comprehensible, honest, and erudite analysis of each film.

The Feast

By |11/24/2021|2 Stars, 2021, Film Review|

Slow-paced films, when done right, can offer a rewarding journey exploring intricately written characters along with an engrossing narrative. Though, when a film is seeking to capture these slow-paced arcs, its path can be lost [...]


By |11/11/2021|2021, 3-Stars, Film Review|

Actress turned filmmaker Rebecca Hall's debut feature shows a commendable passion for human drama, as well as for the technical aspects of filmmaking, composition, and framing in Passing, a black-and-white period piece marital/social drama that [...]


By |11/10/2021|2021, 3-Stars, Film Review|

In Kenneth Branagh's award-winning crowd-pleaser, Belfast, a nostalgic and self-autobiographical chronicle of Branagh's own childhood as well as a tribute to his lovable and loving family--who is forced to come to terms with the growing [...]


By |11/05/2021|2021, 3-1/2 Stars, Film Review|

Centering on a more romanticized but accurate chapter in the detached marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Pablo Larrain's Spencer is an exquisitely crafted, superbly acted biographical drama about the emotional anxiety and distress [...]


By |11/05/2021|2021, 3-1/2 Stars, Film Review|

What would a filmmaker like Chloe Zhao, coming off her much-deserved Oscar win(s) for her cinematic masterwork, Nomadland, and known for small, intimate character pieces set in the American west, find intriguing about working within [...]


By |11/02/2021|2021, 3-Stars, Film Review|

Though not entirely cohesive, Ema, Pablo Larrain's Chilean drama, is a challenging, skillfully directed drama that showcases more of his artistry and elegant visual eye that hopefully more audiences will seek out and prepare themselves [...]