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Defacto Film Reviews is a unique site where the film critics are also filmmakers themselves. It will feature weekly reviews as well as lists and more.

Originally formed in 2002 under Defactoweb.com, our website’s chief film critic is Robert Joseph Butler. His top ten lists were featured under Movie City News.  His reviews have also been published at Michigan Movie Magazine and on Michigan’s longest running film school website, MPIFilm.com. His reviews have also been featured and published in The Oakland Press as well, which is one of Michigan’s largest newspaper publications. 

He later went on to become an award-winning filmmaker of several independent short films including such festival hits as The Spirit of Isabel and Within, which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 Cinetopia International Film Festival. His short film “The Girl on the Mat” won Best Screenplay at the 2017 Queens World Film Festival. His most recent feature length movie, “Blood Immortal,” won Best Horror Feature Film at the 24th annual Indie Gathering International Film Festival and is now available to own on DVD and is available on Digital streaming platforms.

Using grassroots support, the site is devoted to celebrating independent and art-house cinema, as well as to high-crafted films that tell engaging stories with vision, focus, and skill.

Defacto Film Reviews is a unique case where the film critics are also filmmakers themselves. We will give readers comprehensible, honest, and erudite analysis of each film.

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By |01/26/2023|2022, 4-Stars, Film Review|

Remakes are a film tradition almost as old as filmmaking itself, with Georges Melies remaking a Lumiere brothers short, both made in 1896. While it would seem most worthwhile to remake a bad film in [...]


By |01/26/2023|2022, 3-Stars, Film Review|

Two teenage boys find their innocent intimacy and friendship in turmoil during the new school year in Close, Lukas Dhont's sensitive and potent sophomore feature that was just nominated for an Oscar for Best International [...]


By |01/25/2023|2023, 3-Stars, Film Review|

Over the course of the 2010's, we've seen more and more films using social media and technology as a tool for storytelling. After the "found footage" craze sizzled out, we saw films adapt and utilize [...]

The Son

By |01/20/2023|2 Stars, 2022, Film Review|

Films portraying characters with mental illness are a common occurrence. While often clumsy in such portrayals in the past, writers and directors have, on the whole, gotten better over time in treating these characters and [...]


By |01/17/2023|2-1/2 Stars, 2023, Film Review|

Nearly three years removed from the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns, more and more films are including the pandemic in their storytelling. This goes for dramas like last year’s The Falls, which used a quarantine [...]


By |01/16/2023|2 Stars, 2023, Film Review|

Gerard Butler has managed to carve out a successful path for himself as one of Hollywood’s few remaining action stars still selling tickets at the box office. While most have either seen their career fade [...]


By |01/07/2023|2023, 3-Stars, Film Review|

New Zealand genre director Gerard Johnstone (Housebound) teams up with producer James Wan and screenwriter Akela Cooper to give us the little sister movie to Malignant (2021). A tongue in cheek look at the attachment theory, [...]


By |12/26/2022|2022, 3-Stars, Film Review|

Veteran Japanese filmmaker Hirokasu Kore-ada makes his second film in a row outside of his native homeland with Broker, an uneven but undeniably poignant crime drama, part road movie. After winning the Palme d'Or in [...]