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El Conde

Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín (Jackie, Spencer) pulls another famous historical figure back from the dead, this time for a deftly executed satire about the murderous dictator, Augusto Pinochet. El Conde [...]


The latest entry in the budding maternal/pregnancy horror subgenre, Birth/Rebirth, proves what fresh talents can create with a unique vision, despite using familiar building blocks. In this case, director and [...]


First and foremost, Shortcomings is a tour de force of one man's hypocrisy and dramatic irony. Asian-American filmmaker Randall Park makes his feature directorial debut chronicling the frustrating life of [...]

Til Death Do Us Part

Recently, Netflix's latest action hit, Extraction 2, achieved streaming success and critical acclaim, but not every John Wick-esque beat-em-up hits the proverbial mark. See director Timothy Woodward Jr.'s ironically formless [...]

Talk to Me

Believing that a pair of YouTubers would have one of 2023's most-anticipated horror films might seem like a tall order to most, but that is precisely the case for brothers [...]

Final Cut

In 2017, a nearly micro-budget Japanese movie titled One Cut of the Dead upended the zombie, found footage, and horror-comedy subgenres all at once, garnering critical praise and making over [...]


Nimona, the swan song of the now-defunct Blue Sky Studios, the animation company behind the Ice Age franchise, Rio, Epic, and other films, recently snuck into the shuffle of Netflix's [...]

Extraction 2

In the current cinematic climate, packed to the gills with overblown action movies, one rarely stands out, and 2020's Extraction is hardly the exception. However, its impressive one-take scene, consistently [...]

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