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After taking on her last contract, she is fatally poisoned and left with only 24 hours to live. Kate, who has made a living for herself as a brutally skilled [...]


Directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly are somewhat new to the scene, directing only 2 other feature films (Beneath the Harvest Sky, The Way We Get By) that have performed [...]

The Protégé

Director Martin Campbell has had an interesting career, from directing gritty and exceptional spy films like  Casino Royale (2006) and GoldenEye (1995) to the nearly atrocious Green Lantern (2011). But [...]


Directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino and produced by his protégé Oscar Nominated Director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name, I Am Love), Netflix original Beckett staples itself as a [...]


Lisa Joy, co-creator of the critically acclaimed sci-fi television series Westworld, debuts her first feature film Reminiscence. Keeping to her roots of sci-fi neo-noir themes, we follow our protagonist Nick [...]

Free Guy

Free Guy, a pleasant summer surprise from director Shawn Levy, mostly known for his questionable Night of The Museum franchise. This movie is not shy about its target audience, kids [...]