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The Bad Guys

Animated films have taken a leap of faith in the last decade, from animation ranging heavily from hand-drawn scene packs to full-fledged 3D animation taking the stage in recent years. [...]

All the Old Knives

It’s not often you see somewhat seasoned documentarians transition to feature filmmaking, especially films with an underlying espionage narrative but Janus Metz Pedersen (Love on Delivery, Armadillo, Ticket to Paradise) [...]

The Bubble

What do you get when an out-of-touch director directs an insufferably awful screenplay? You’re given a painfully long film that feels as if it should have never left the drawing [...]


Horror films come in all shapes and sizes, either featuring creatures of dark descent or even the horrors of modern discrimination, but there are times when both elements clash together [...]

Deep Water

Well, there is one thing that can be said about director Adrian Lyne, he seems obsessed with the themes of infidelity and the unfaithfulness of significant others in his films. [...]

Turning Red

As someone who has paid close attention to Pixar’s depiction and representation of people of color over the years, it always comes as a delightful surprise to see announcements of [...]


There is much to say about Mimi Caves’ Fresh, though not to be confused with the 1994 film Fresh directed by Boaz Yakin, starring Samuel L. Jackson. This dark comedy [...]


The films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet have always been quite delectable, spewing splashes of colorful feasts throughout his films or art-house aesthetics with almost noir themes. Jeunet is, without a doubt, [...]

Marry Me

No matter the year, a film no one expected nor wanted is made, and in 2022’s case, Kat Coiro’s Marry Me is a prime example. This wishy-washy, romantic comedy released [...]