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Horror films focused on artists dealing with madness are certainly nothing new. From the great Vincent Price in House of Wax, to Jack Nicholson in The Shining, to Yahya Abdul-Mateen [...]

The Promised Land

The sweeping historical epic is a longtime favorite genre for filmmakers. Even now, outside of the genre’s heyday, there are still quite a few that pop up. Recent examples include Napoleon, The [...]

American Star

The hitman may be the most overused figure in cinema, particularly in contrast to what hired killers turn out to be in the news stories we really hear about, who [...]

American Fiction

The tastes of the public at large when it comes to art are a constant enigma. Often works of great depth and intelligence are passed over while something perceived as [...]

Silent Night

“Start Gang War?” This annotation, a calendar reminder written by the film’s protagonist Brian Godluck (Joel Kinnaman), is a perfect encapsulation of just how stupid Silent Night is. Legendary director [...]


The transition from childhood into the teenage years can be among the most turbulent years of a person’s life. Thoughts, actions, and relationships change, and kids often feel alone during [...]

The Burial

The courtroom drama film has been around nearly as long as the medium of film itself. Following what felt like an oversaturation in the Grisham-influenced 1990s, the genre seemed to [...]

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