About Robert Joseph Butler

Robert Butler is an award-winning filmmaker whose most recent feature length movie, "Blood Immortal," won Best Horror Feature Film at the 24th annual Indie Gathering International Film Festival and is now available to own on DVD and on Digital platforms. His favorite films include Mulholland Dr., 2001: A Space Odyssey, Persona, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Sunset Blvd., Lost in Translation, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, The Godfather: Part II, Citizen Kane, Cries and Whispers, L'Aventura, Do the Right Thing, Fargo, Schindler's List, La Dolce Vita, Pickup on South Street, Nashville, There Will Be Blood, Vertigo, and Contempt.

Emily the Criminal

Emily the Criminal is a gripping neo-noir film that explores a human story of desperation beneath the service, looking beyond the modern-day desperations of a debt nation and the horrors [...]


A discovery of a dead body by a small band of pre-teen girls becomes a reflection of life and a coming-of-age portrait of friendship in James Ponsoldt’s (The End of [...]

Il Buco

Exploring one of the world's deepest caves through ravishing imagery, Michelangelo Frammartino’s latest film titled Il Buco (The Hole), is another observational and elegiac docu-narrative that merges history and scenery. [...]


In departing from short films and DIY-indie feature films, indie filmmaker Andrew Semans delivers shocks in the involving and bizarre Resurrection. The ever-riveting Rebecca Hall stars as a pharmaceutical company [...]

My Old School

A stranger-than-fiction type of documentary that could easily be made into a narrative feature, My Old School is a bizarre documentary by Jono McLeod about Scotland's most notorious high school [...]


Five years later, after his breakthrough success with Get Out, Jordan Peele continues his genre movie streak with Nope, a chilling, intense, and awe-inspiring sci-fi thriller about alien visitors wreaking [...]

She Will

More revenge driven and slow-burn, writer-director Charlotte Colbert's retro witch horror film She Will has a strong buildup, some memorable scenes, but a very negligible payoff that feels choppy and [...]

Fire of Love

A true found footage documentary that could also be easily labeled as a natural disaster film or even an offbeat love story—only this is real and doesn't rely on special [...]