A uniquely layered, and often murky German love story with strong political subtext about the troubled history between the cities of East and West Berlin, Undine is the recent film [...]

Port Authority

It's quite liberating and remarkable how in the last few years or so, transgender representation in cinema, television, and other forms of media is beginning to get true representation in [...]


Cruella, Disney's latest reinvention of the classic story, which opens in theaters and on Disney+, is an amusing, stylish, and equally exhausting film to endure. The film overstays its welcome [...]

The Dry

A major hit in its native land of Australia, Robert Connolly's The Dry is the kind of film that makes one excited about the future of storytelling. It's no mistake [...]

Riders of Justice

Structured as an action thriller, Riders of Justice, Anders Thomas-Jensen latest Danish contribution to the crime thriller, is an entertaining character-driven story that offers some characterization and sophisticated themes with [...]