While making a parody of a iconic American painter like Bob Ross sounds like a sealed deal, however, filmmaker Brit McAdams and his muse Owen Wilson never quite reach its [...]

A Couple

Co-writer-director Frederick Wiseman's second narrative feature in 20 years, A Couple, is basically just a solo performance by its lead and fellow co-writer Nathalie Boutefeu as Sophia Tolstava, the wife [...]

The Quiet Girl

Colm Bairéad's debut feature marks Ireland's first film to be nominated for Best International Film at the Academy Awards. Bairéad has some family film elements that cross over into a [...]

Return to Seoul

Cambodian French filmmaker Davy Chou (Diamond Island) manages to pull off a deeply spirited character study and existential journey with Return to Seoul, a moody and convulsively lyrical yarn about [...]

Cairo Conspiracy

A generally engrossing espionage thriller that offers some slight emotional resonance marks Cairo Conspiracy into a favorable suspense drawer, recounting a young college student and son of a fisherman who [...]

The Blue Caftan

A somber but delicate portrait about everlasting love, repressed desires, artistry, compassion, illness, and finally tolerance, The Blue Caftan officially closes the last slate of international films released last year [...]

One Fine Morning

Watching Mia Hansen-Løve's One Fine Morning is a fresh reminder of just how skillful of a storyteller she is, who often writes engaging characters who find themselves with sudden vulnerabilities [...]


Alcarràs is a richly textured and quietly absorbing ensemble drama that echoes the work of Robert Altman and John Sayles. Dense in ideas and characterization, intoxicating in visual style, Alcarràs [...]


Remakes are a film tradition almost as old as filmmaking itself, with Georges Melies remaking a Lumiere brothers short, both made in 1896. While it would seem most worthwhile to [...]

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