Remakes are a film tradition almost as old as filmmaking itself, with Georges Melies remaking a Lumiere brothers short, both made in 1896. While it would seem most worthwhile to [...]


Two teenage boys find their innocent intimacy and friendship in turmoil during the new school year in Close, Lukas Dhont's sensitive and potent sophomore feature that was just nominated for [...]

Women Talking

Since the #MeToo movement, many women have come forward to reveal unflattering details about the abuse they have endured and suffered from, which has been covered up for years by [...]

Alice, Darling

By channeling the tropes of psychological thrillers that are about romantic obsession, Mary Nighy's directorial debut Alice, Darling is gender-reversed like the 1996 iconic thriller Fear, but it ends up [...]

The Son

Films portraying characters with mental illness are a common occurrence. While often clumsy in such portrayals in the past, writers and directors have, on the whole, gotten better over time [...]


Skinamarink, will certainly draw comparisons to stripped down ultra-low budget horror movies like Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch, Open Water, or even David Lynch's Eraserhead. The horror in the film [...]

Saint Omer

While the film holds all the striking realism of a documentary, the emotional depth displayed by French filmmaker Alice Diop bounces between a courtroom drama and a cinema verité chamber [...]

A Man Called Otto

It's now been seven years since the Swedish comedy-drama A Man Called Ove (2015) became an Oscar nominee for Best International Film and Best Makeup, and it was a critical and [...]