One of the most refreshing things you realize about Babes is the humor and wit sprinkled with tropes of a buddy movie and cleverly crude humor on relationships, sex, and [...]

A Prince

Using a cast almost entirely comprised of non-professional actors, aside from the well-regarded French legends who provide the narration, the director, Pierre Creton, has created a work that is unlikely to find a large audience but which is worth sitting down to see.

I Saw the TV Glow

Far more surrealist and avant-garde in approach than horror, Jane Schoenbrun's sophomore feature, I Saw the TV Glow, is, for better or for worse, going to defy the audience's expectations. [...]


The concept of the childhood imaginary friend hasn’t been deeply explored in film, but there are some examples. From the dark comedy Drop Dead Fred, to horror films like Pin, May, and this [...]

Nowhere Special

Nowhere Special is a film with an ironic title. Very seldom have acts of pure love and selflessness been demonstrated on film, as here, in the tale of a dying window [...]

Gasoline Rainbow

Gasoline Rainbowsis a confused film. As with so many recent indy films, the movie believes it is more important than it is, and deeper, more profound. Concerning five kids from [...]


Wildcat, director and co-writer Ethan Hawke’s new biopic about the life and work of author Flannery O’Connor, lacks the unique qualities of its subject’s prose, while draining her life of [...]

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