A Hero

In his first film since his 2016 Oscar winning The Salesman, Iranian filmmaker, Asghar Farhadi, once again merges social commentary with realism as he explores the lives of ordinary characters living day-to-day in [...]

Scream (2022)

Wes Craven's original masterpiece, Scream was a true turning point for the horror genre. As the genre saw the fall of the once-mighty slasher, writer Kevin Williamson flipped the genre upside [...]


A deeply moving subject on the impacts of war atrocities and seeking refuge, Jonhas Poher Rasmussen's animated documentary titled Flee is one of the most essential and powerful films of [...]

The 355

There’s the time old cliché that January is the unofficial dumping ground for major studios. Where all the unwanted, least desirable of studio releases go to die. The first major [...]

Parallel Mothers

Writer-director Pedro Almodovar continues his sweeping melodrama streak with Parallel Mothers--the story of two single women who meet at a hospital when they are both about to give birth--is an [...]

The Lost Daughter

A dramatically satisfying drama about dissatisfied people attempting to escape from their regrets, The Lost Daughter shows actress-turned filmmaker Maggie Gyllenhaal some impressive strengths that were already evident in her [...]


A Scottish woman who travels to Columbia and is suddenly awoken by a loud sonic boom as she sleeps provides the starting point in the astonishing opening scene of Apichatpong [...]