Bergman Island

Mia Hansen-Løve follows up her acclaimed and artful French dramas Things to Come, Eden, and Goodbye First Love, with Bergman Island, another ambiguous, clever, dreamy, and meta-driven script she also [...]

Halloween Kills

Delivering on its amusingly blunt title, Halloween Kills does exactly that; it kills, and quite brutally. Through all the previous eleven films in the franchise -- ten, if you exclude [...]

The Last Duel

In its visual grandeur and operatic style, The Last Duel, Ridley Scott's highly anticipated medieval epic that Scott has attempted to recapture the glory of his Oscar winning Best Picture [...]


Sensory, sporadically goofy and at times ominous, Valdimar Johansson's debut feature Lamb is a folklore surrealist dark comedy/horror thriller that delivers some great impact with arresting visuals and strong performances [...]

No Time To Die

Every generation has their James Bond(s). For my father it was Sean Connery as a kid, Roger Moore as a teen. The goofier gadgets, bodacious woman and campy storylines were [...]