Scoop, from director Philip Martin, seems to want to be She Said, but fails to spark anywhere near the level of excitement, interest, importance or gravity of that earlier film. While [...]

Monkey Man

There is no doubt that John Wick's dynamic, revenge-fueled action odyssey alongside international martial arts spectacles, including The Raid and Ong Bak, have together metamorphized a once-stagnant genre into something [...]

The First Omen

Religious horror is going through a bit of a boom at the moment. From last month's sleeper success, the Sydney Sweeney-starring/produced Immaculate, and now this prequel to the 1976 classic [...]

The Listener

The Listener, from director Steve Buscemi, is an unusual film in the sense that it has only one onscreen character, a woman calling herself “Beth” who works for an unnamed [...]

Coup de Chance

Familiar elements, themes, and plot mechanics go full circle in Woody Allen's Coup de Chance, a compelling study of a love affair in crises that expands on familiar Woody Allen [...]

The Beast

Both art-house and high-minded sci-fi aficionados will find common ground for watching the thought-provoking and ambitious The Beast. French actress Léa Seydoux continues to prove she's an actress of great [...]


The endlessly screwed-up immigration and economic exploitation that make the American immigration experience challenging are on full display in Problemista. Writer-director and co-star Julio Torres creates a messy, uneven piece [...]

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