The 355

There’s the time old cliché that January is the unofficial dumping ground for major studios. Where all the unwanted, least desirable of studio releases go to die. The first major [...]

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Hollywood, Perhaps it is time we take away any opportunity to allow Universal Pictures to greenlight big-screen adaptations of hit Broadway musicals. After the colossal failure of Tom Hooper's [...]


Directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly are somewhat new to the scene, directing only 2 other feature films (Beneath the Harvest Sky, The Way We Get By) that have performed [...]


Lisa Joy, co-creator of the critically acclaimed sci-fi television series Westworld, debuts her first feature film Reminiscence. Keeping to her roots of sci-fi neo-noir themes, we follow our protagonist Nick [...]

Hillbilly Elegy

For every major awards contender, your Parasite's and Joker's of the year, also comes an occasional The Goldfinch. Ron Howard's latest outing, based on the New York Times bestselling novel [...]