The Bad Guys

Animated films have taken a leap of faith in the last decade, from animation ranging heavily from hand-drawn scene packs to full-fledged 3D animation taking the stage in recent years. [...]


Academy-Award nominee and major action star as of 2009, Liam Neeson has seen his stature as a major action hero wain a bit over the last half a decade. With [...]

The Lost City

Adventure films haven’t had the best go-around recently. Intending to harken back to the good ol’ days of Hollywood filmmaking, when original films were at the forefront, recent cinematic examples [...]

Infinite Storm

Many films about survival have merged natural landscapes with the themes of man versus nature--or in this case, woman versus nature--where characters find themselves under brutal and very hazardous weather [...]

The Adam Project

Reuniting with the director of the financially successful, but creatively bankrupt, Free Guy, director Shawn Levy, leading man Ryan Reynolds has chosen yet another starring vehicle that relies heavily on [...]


The films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet have always been quite delectable, spewing splashes of colorful feasts throughout his films or art-house aesthetics with almost noir themes. Jeunet is, without a doubt, [...]