The Protégé

Director Martin Campbell has had an interesting career, from directing gritty and exceptional spy films like  Casino Royale (2006) and GoldenEye (1995) to the nearly atrocious Green Lantern (2011). But [...]


Sincere but dry, director Sarah Colangelo's Worth, which is set in the early 2000s, is a poignant but poky paced 9/11 drama that chronicles the story of the 9/11 Victims' [...]

Free Guy

Free Guy, a pleasant summer surprise from director Shawn Levy, mostly known for his questionable Night of The Museum franchise. This movie is not shy about its target audience, kids [...]


Extremely well acted, but just another ordinary Hollywood biopic that is sure to draw some Oscar buzz and please audiences, Respect follows the same formula and structure as countless other [...]

Nine Days

There have been quite a few films like Nine Days, the life-after-death genre that has been presented many times before in such films as Heaven Can Wait, Albert Brook's Defending [...]

Jungle Cruise

Adaptations of classic Disney park rides have had a hit-or-miss reputation with one becoming one of the pinnacle blockbusters franchises of the 00's with Pirates of the Caribbean and less [...]


Old marks the 14th feature in M. Night Shyamalan oeuvre as a writer-director. Back in the horror/sci-fi realm that he's most comfortable in, though not as effective as his masterworks [...]