Over a decade ago, Grindhouse teased horror fans with the delightfully messy and nostalgic mock trailer for what is now Eli Roth's 2023 holiday slasher, Thanksgiving. The full-length feature is [...]

Dark Harvest

Arguably a decade too late, Norman Partridge's acclaimed 2006 novel Dark Harvest has finally become realized as a feature film. The movie of the same name, picked up by MGM [...]

The Creator

In contemporary Hollywood, with the propensity for inflated budgets leading to entire sets made of green or blue screen and an over-reliance on digital effects, it is difficult to come [...]

It Lives Inside

In recent years, the horror genre has experienced a renaissance in terms of multicultural representation within its previously restrictive space; different ethnic groups are emerging into the forefront of horror, [...]


The latest entry in the budding maternal/pregnancy horror subgenre, Birth/Rebirth, proves what fresh talents can create with a unique vision, despite using familiar building blocks. In this case, director and [...]

Theater Camp

We have experienced theatrics being mocked in mockumentary fashion before with Christopher Guests Waiting for Guffman, among many other subcultures. Molly Gordon and co-writer and co-director Nick Lieberman show signs [...]

Final Cut

In 2017, a nearly micro-budget Japanese movie titled One Cut of the Dead upended the zombie, found footage, and horror-comedy subgenres all at once, garnering critical praise and making over [...]

Sound of Freedom

The emerging sleeper hit of the summer, Sound of Freedom has seemingly come out of nowhere and upended all expectations, collecting close to $100 million at the box office, as [...]

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