I Care a Lot

Another satire on capitalism and the corruption of the American dream, I Care a Lot is a playful, but deliberately mean-spirited dark comedy about greed and determination that defies audience [...]

PVT Chat

The evolution of the film noir is a fascinating one to track. Early works like Double Indemnity or Detour reflect a period that might seem entirely alien to a modern [...]


Well intended with a heart, but ultimately trite and not overly surprising on a dramatic level, Palmer is a well acted but flawed film that comes across more like a [...]

Happiest Season

Even though same sex attraction is something that has been with the human race most likely since the dawn of humanity—I’m sure cavemen weren’t only clubbing cavewomen, if ya know [...]


‘Mortal’ is a return to Norway for André Øverdal which is where he shot his breakthrough feature film ‘Trollhunter’, he then headed over to the U.K. for the coroner two-hander [...]

The Empty Man

There's a strong likelihood that you've never heard of Disney/20th Century's newest release, The Empty Man, at least until a week ago when the first trailer was released. All signs [...]