Typically, the third film in a trilogy is given the most difficult task. Having to conclude the overarching story told over the previous two films is no easy task, and [...]

A Family Affair

A Family Affair, directed by Richard LaGravenese, is a comedy with smiles and chuckles rather than laughs, but far more groans and cringes of embarrassment than any other response. Despite [...]


Daina O. Pusić sophomore feature Tuesday attempts to be a fantasy drama about death, and in that regard, it holds some endearing and equally bizarre moments, but mostly it's a [...]


Ezra, from director Tony Goldwyn and writer Tony Spiridakis, is a compassionate, empathetic and well-meaning film about three generations of autistic people. It is remarkable, in some regards, because of [...]

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a story about three friends who grow up, grow apart and come back together. Or, that is probably how it was pitched and, for the first twenty minutes or so, it really seems to be holding true to that premise.

Back to Black

Back to Black, the new film about the life and career of the late singer, Amy Winehouse, is, like too many biographical pictures, a mostly disappointing work. This is not [...]


The concept of the childhood imaginary friend hasn’t been deeply explored in film, but there are some examples. From the dark comedy Drop Dead Fred, to horror films like Pin, May, and this [...]

Gasoline Rainbow

Gasoline Rainbowsis a confused film. As with so many recent indy films, the movie believes it is more important than it is, and deeper, more profound. Concerning five kids from [...]

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