Stress Positions

Imagine a 95-minute lecture, from someone who isn't quite as insightful as they believe themselves to be. A lecture which is a bit funny at times, occasionally gives you whiplash, [...]


Scoop, from director Philip Martin, seems to want to be She Said, but fails to spark anywhere near the level of excitement, interest, importance or gravity of that earlier film. While [...]


The endlessly screwed-up immigration and economic exploitation that make the American immigration experience challenging are on full display in Problemista. Writer-director and co-star Julio Torres creates a messy, uneven piece [...]

Club Zero

Club Zero, the latest film from director Jessica Hausner, is a dark comedy thriller satire, except it has no laughs, is utterly boring and does not make you care about [...]


The term "safe" is often used in film criticism to describe a product with tried-and-true elements that appeal to a general audience. It is neither excellent nor terrible, but somewhere [...]

Amelia’s Children

If you are a horror fan, you are probably conscious of the contrasts between American and foreign genre films. Mainstream Hollywood productions frequently offer a commercial look and feel, while [...]


With the cinematic awards season in full swing and the highly-contested 96th Academy Awards just weeks away, films like Rustin are getting timely releases and more than adequate media attention. [...]

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