Shotgun Wedding

Since the release of the critical and commercial 2019 hit Hustlers that found star Jennifer Lopez horrifically snubbed of a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination, the hope would be that [...]

The Son

Films portraying characters with mental illness are a common occurrence. While often clumsy in such portrayals in the past, writers and directors have, on the whole, gotten better over time [...]


Gerard Butler has managed to carve out a successful path for himself as one of Hollywood’s few remaining action stars still selling tickets at the box office. While most have [...]


The deplorable history of slavery in the United States has been the focus of many films over the years. The films have been of varying quality, and there have also [...]

Empire of Light

Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes pays tribute to the cinema in Empire of Light, a film of lofty themes that doesn't necessarily ring true or capture the depth that it's aiming [...]

On the Line

At first glance, radio doesn’t seem to be the most dynamic world to base a film in. It’s a world of stationary voices, with images filled in by the listener’s [...]


Five-time Oscar nominated and problematic filmmaker David O. Russell promotes love, art, peace, and combats fascism in a web of conspiracy in his ninth feature (10 if you count Accidental [...]