Haunted Mansion

Debuting in 1969, The Haunted Mansion has hosted countless foolish mortals for decades, firmly cementing itself into pop culture history. The attraction has been seen as a gateway into the realm [...]


  Biosphere is an off-kilter sci-fi comedy with a lot of potential that is reminiscent of the 1996 Hollywood comedy Biodome. It is a two-handler feature film debut from Mel [...]

The Little Mermaid

Continuing the spotty track record of Disney live-action remakes, Rob Marshall's adaptation of the animated classic, largely responsible for ushering in the Disney Renaissance, continuing with the likes of Beauty [...]


Hulu's latest fertility horror-thriller, Clock, joins a growing pool of similar features more relevant than ever, relying on a surprisingly fresh premise to stand out, but not much else. Whereas [...]


While making a parody of a iconic American painter like Bob Ross sounds like a sealed deal, however, filmmaker Brit McAdams and his muse Owen Wilson never quite reach its [...]

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