The Little Mermaid

Continuing the spotty track record of Disney live-action remakes, Rob Marshall's adaptation of the animated classic, largely responsible for ushering in the Disney Renaissance, continuing with the likes of Beauty [...]


Hulu's latest fertility horror-thriller, Clock, joins a growing pool of similar features more relevant than ever, relying on a surprisingly fresh premise to stand out, but not much else. Whereas [...]


While making a parody of a iconic American painter like Bob Ross sounds like a sealed deal, however, filmmaker Brit McAdams and his muse Owen Wilson never quite reach its [...]

The Lost King

King Richard III has long been a figure of historical and literary fascination. While some contemporary accounts describe him as a good ruler, particularly to common folk, his legacy has [...]

Boston Strangler

    The latest in a long line of media adaptations about one of the darkest eras in Bostonian history, Matt Ruskin's Boston Strangler attempts to repurpose the prolific serial [...]


Audiences may never have expected to see the words "Adam Driver" and "dinosaurs" in the same sentence before, let alone the same movie, but the newly-released sci-fi action blockbuster 65 [...]

My Happy Ending

My Happy Ending, a slightly moving but uneven weepie about a fading actress attempting a career comeback as she discovers she has stage-four cancer and may only have a few [...]