World War II is some of the most heavily trodden ground in cinema history. And it can still be fertile ground for storytelling, as the relatively recent Their Finest and [...]


Though anchored by good performances, especially by lead actor John Boyega, Breaking is a film which struggles to get its message across.  The film has social and societal parallels available, [...]


Fall is equal parts thrilling and engaging so long as the viewer accepts the type of movie they are watching. Scott Mann’s latest film is a minimalist one with enough [...]

Sharp Stick

Sharp Stick, Lena Dunham's first feature since her 2010 breakthrough indie darling Tiny Furniture, is a fearless sex comedy that plays like an inferior episode of Girls, Diablo Cody wannabes, [...]

Rogue Agent

People, on the whole, can be gullible – they want to believe a good story. Particularly if there is something exciting in it which gives them a chance to transcend [...]


A discovery of a dead body by a small band of pre-teen girls becomes a reflection of life and a coming-of-age portrait of friendship in James Ponsoldt’s (The End of [...]

The Gray Man

Since their release of Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2014, the Russo Brothers have been on quite the marathon of directing large-budgeted films. With 4 significant credits stemming from [...]


Now, it’s no surprise that Netflix produces its fair share of films every year, under various genres, around 100 films are released each year from Netflix alone. With such a [...]