A deeply moving subject on the impacts of war atrocities and seeking refuge, Jonhas Poher Rasmussen's animated documentary titled Flee is one of the most essential and powerful films of [...]

Parallel Mothers

Writer-director Pedro Almodovar continues his sweeping melodrama streak with Parallel Mothers--the story of two single women who meet at a hospital when they are both about to give birth--is an [...]

Swan Song

As technology and conceptual designs begin to flourish in this day and age, ideas that were once seemingly outlandish have become theoretically possible. Benjamin Cleary plays with these ideas in [...]

West Side Story

Steven Spielberg has previously dabbled in the visual rhythms of musical theater -- see the opening of Temple of Doom for a prime example -- but has never made a [...]


As a trigger warning, this review will cover a documentary purely focused on sexual abuse and assault. Procession, a documentary following a small group of sexual abuse survivors by their [...]

C’mon C’mon

C'mon C'mon, the fourth feature by Mike Mills, represents his most successful film yet, whose often colorfully quirky films and eccentric films have often proved to be overly precious and [...]

tick, tick…Boom!

Jonathan Larson quickly became one of the defining voices of his generation, and never even lived to witness it. Larson passed away suddenly from an aneurism from marfin’s syndrome the [...]

The Beta Test

What is it about Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe’s, The Beta Test, that lures and attracts audiences into the psychological disarray that it is? Perhaps it’s the dreamscape-esque environment the [...]