Passages is an intimate, well-acted human drama that showcases just how great of a talent Franz Rogowski, Ben Whishaw, and Adèle Exarchopoulos are, as is co-writer and director Ira Sachs, [...]

Talk to Me

Believing that a pair of YouTubers would have one of 2023's most-anticipated horror films might seem like a tall order to most, but that is precisely the case for brothers [...]


The previous film from master of cinema Christopher Nolan, Tenet, his chopped-and-screwed take on the Bond thriller, was released amidst the height of the Pandemic, attempting to be the first [...]

The Lesson

While adaptations of novels often serve as the basis of films, there are also many occasions where a writer themselves, whether real or fictional, has been the subject of a [...]

Asteroid City

Sophisticated, meta, and deadpan, Asteroid City finds world-renowned auteur Wes Anderson recapturing a similar story as he has in the past but working on a much larger canvas where he [...]

Blue Jean

The story of the LGBTQ community across the world is a story of struggle. Struggle for acceptance, struggle for rights, and in many cases, struggle for survival. While the United [...]

Moon Garden

Centering a film on a child’s performance can be a great risk for a filmmaker. On one hand, as all of us were once children, and many are parents, there [...]

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